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Welcome to CB!

Welcome to CoasterBros! This site is a group of coaster enthusiast that made a coaster website for coaster lovers! It has rumors, breaking news that has to do with theme parks, coaster forums, and much more! Check out the CB News section for site updates and what's going on! FYI, none of us are real "brothers" we just thought it was a clever name! 

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Site last updated- 5/04/08

CB Notes

Hey, take a look around, if you love roller coasters you will love this. We are a small group of Roller Coaster enthusiasts who wanted to make a website! Have a look in the "Forums" section and become a member, then you can start posting! Its great fun, Also we have sections for, Trip Reports, Photos, Videos, Fact Files and be sure to sign the Guestbook telling us what you think of our website!

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